Our Menu

Italian tastes - and not only - by the hands of our experienced chef can satisfy the most demanding customers, while not forgetting the dishes of the day...

Hors d'oeuvres
• Bruschetta: tomato, basil, garlic & parmesan cheese • Fresh mushrooms in cream • Grilled vegetables with balsamic vinegar & olive oil • Proscutto with rocket & parmesan • Feta saganaki with sesame and honey • Cheese croquettes with 4 cheeses • Aubergine grilled with tomato & parmesan • Dakos: rusk with tomato, feta & olives • Haloumi grilled

• Caesar: (iceberg, chicken, parmesan, croutons, caesar sauce) • Mosaico: (lettuce, baby tomatoes, rocket, finoccio, cabbage, carot, red cabbage, balsamic vinegar & honey) • Chef's Salad: (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, ham, egg, cheece, chef's sauce) • Tuna Salad: (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, egg, tuna, chef's sauce) • Pandesia: (lettuce, rocket, rusk, soft goats cheese, baby tomatoes in a vinegraitte sauce) • Rocket Salad: (rocket, parmesan, sun dried tomatoes with honey & balsamic vinegar) • Greek Salad: (tomatoes, cucumber, onion, pepper, olives, feta cheese)

• Spaghetti alla Napolitana (with tomato sauce) • Spaghetti Bolognese (with fresh mince meat -beef-) • Spaghetti Carbonara (ham, bacon, cream) • Spaghetti Amatriciana (ham, bacon, onion & tomato sauce) • Spaghetti al pesto Genovese (pesto sauce brom basil) • Penne 4 formaggi (penne with a variety of 4 cheeses) •Tagliatelle paglia e Fieno (with ham, bacon, mushrooms and cream) • Spaghetti aglio olio (garlic & olive oil) • Spaghetti foriestieva (olive oil, mushroom, garlic & wine) • Papardele di Polo (papardele with chicken, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic & cream) • Penne alle Verdura (penne with grilled vegetables & a light tomato sauce) • Spaghetti with Prawns (frozen) (spaghetti wiith prawns & tomato sauce) • Tagliatelle ai Funghi Porcini (with wild porcini mushrooms & cream) • Tagliatelle ala Keka white & green (tagliatelle with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and basil) • Spaghetti ala Coze (mussels frozen, onion, garlic, tomato sauce and wine) • Penne with Salmon (smoked salmon, vodka, onion, caviar and cream) • Raviolli ricotta e spinaci (raviolli filled with spinach, ricotta & cream)

• Special (with ham, bacon, peperoni, fresh mushrooms, green peper) • Greca (with fresh tomato, feta cheese, green peper, onion, olives) Vegeterian (with fresh tomato, green pepper, mushrooms, onion, olives) • Polita (with spicy sausage, pastrami, soutzouki sausage) • Vesuvius (with cheese, bacon, pepperoni and chilly) • Formaggi (with a variety of 4 cheeses) • Four Seasons (ham, cheese, bacon, mushrooms, salami) • Calzone Special (with tomato sauce, cheese, ham, bacon, pepperoni, salami) • Calzone Greek Style (with tomato sauce, feta cheese, tomato, green pepper, onion, olives) • Pizza Roma (with ham, bacon, mushrooms) • Margarita (with tomato sauce & cheese) • Chicken Pizza (with diced chicken & fresh tomato sauce) A'la Cream (with ham, bacon and cream) • Chicken BBQ (with marinated chicken in BBQ sauce) • Prosciutto (with prosciutto and rocket salad)
*All pizzas have cheese and napolitan sauce. Our dough is freshly made.

• Beefburger grilled • Beefburger a la cream (with fresh mushrooms and cream) • Beefburger in roquefort sauce • Chicken fillet grilled • Chicken fillet ala creme (with fresh mushrooms and cream) • Chicken fillet in mustard sauce • Pork tenderloin grilled • Pork tenderloin in mustard sauce • Pork tenderloin a la creme (with mushrooms and cream) • Fillet of Veal grilled • Fillet of Veal in a roquefort sauce • Fillet of Veal in pepper sauce

• Rizotto Porcini • Rizotto with sea food

White wines
• Skouras • Mantinia Tselepou • Moschofilero Boutari • House wine ½ kg
• Roze Skouras • House wine roze ½ kg
• Skouras red • House wine red ½ kg

• Amstel • Heineken • Kaiser • Mythos • Stella Artois • Fix • Alfa Weiss • Alfa

• Coca Cola • Orange juice • Lemon juice • Sprite • Soda